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This fine grand is in very good condition. Looks sharp, the touch is good, and sounds like a bigger piano. Built in 1987, during Yamaha's heyday, this grand could easily pass for only 5 years old.

If you are looking for a used grand, you will find it difficult to find a better one than this Yamaha G-2. It provides a wonderful tone and quality of sound which you may be unable to find on newer, less crafted, economy pianos. Yamaha has designed the G-2 to endure the passing of time, which allows for, a lifetimes enjoyment of this wonderful sound. 

The Yamaha G2 features and advanced scale design, is constructed with dovetail joints, solid maple caps and bridge, solid spruce ribs and soundboard, copper bass strings and spruce keys featuring hardwood buttons. The piano has balanced action which is unique to Yamaha designs, with specially created hammer shanks also exclusive to the higher end Yamaha grands.

Yamaha G-2 5'7" Grand - Just In

  • Product Code: Yamaha G-2
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  • $8,500.00

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