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Choosing the right teacher can make a big difference in how far, and how fast, you grow musically.  With a staff of experienced teachers available we can match student and teacher on several levels including: Personality,Teaching Style, Type of Music, Age, Desired Results.

Private Piano Lessons

We offer traditional half hour private lessons for children and adults. Choose from the traditional classical, modern popular music, or the chord method of playing.

Recreational Music Making

Jay and Kay’s Organ & Piano Co. is proud to be a long-standing member of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). NAMM is actively encouraging a relatively new concept in learning to play musical instruments. This system is officially known as Recreational Music Making (RMM).

Many ways exist to teach music: the traditional methodology involves lots of theory and is an essential part of the educational process for serious students who aspire to a vocation in music. For most of us, and in particular the older student, we don’t plan or desire to be extremely accomplished performance artists. Instead,what we really want and expect from lessons is to be able to play for fun and personal satisfaction. RMM encourages people to feel better about themselves by loving what they are doing through their music to express themselves. This is especially true for those who haven’t thought of themselves as musical or were playing a bit when younger and now wish to play for fun.

There are many benefits to playing music, many of them medically proven. Quality of life is improved, stress levels are lowered, resulting in feeling more relaxed and stimulated intellectually. Scientific studies have confirmed that music is a therapeutic tool that promotes healing of the mind and body.

We all have music within our hearts, souls and minds we need to express. We invite you to express your inner music in one of our Recreational Music Making classes. Join us for the great musical experience of learning to play piano or organ for the most exciting time of your life – pure fun and enjoyment!

Lessons for adults who want to play as a hobby and want a less demanding, and more fun way of learning.
Classes are available for beginners to moderate players.

Meet the Teachers

All of our teachers have years of experience teaching. Most have at least one degree in music education.

Jay Guretsky – Clinician

Jay has been teaching adults for over 30 years.

Kay Guretsky - Specializing in Adults

Kay’s specialty is in group and private adult teaching. Kay has been written up in several national publications regarding the “Adult Student”. She has received many very complimentary ‘comments’ on numerous web pages on the internet.