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Roland AT-80 AC American Classic Edition! 

Pre-owned Top End organ

With incomparable sound, awesome power, and elegant looks, the AT-80SL brings you the rich expressiveness of world-class organ sound and playability. Sound, power, expression, and design all come together in the AT-80SL, the standard model for those who want a truly remarkable organ-playing experience.

This instrument offers a gorgeous dark walnut cabinet, softly lit control panel, and large, easy-to-operate color touch screen. And it’s loaded with performance features, including hundreds of instrument sounds and rhythms, Reverb, Rotary, and other effects, a 20-note pedalboard, and, for the first time, an onscreen Digital Harmonic Bar. It sounds sensational, looks great, and feels wonderful. 

  • 56-note upper manual with aftertouch sensitivity, 76-note lower manual, 20-note pedalboard
  • 6 full-range speakers, 1 woofer for outstanding sound; total 240W rated power output
  • 192-voice maximum polyphony
  • 421 high-quality organ and instrument voices, 210 rhythm patterns
  • Full-color LCD touch screen with intuitive, user-friendly menus
  • Onscreen Digital Harmonic Bar for Flute option
  • 3,360 onboard presets with One-Touch Program
  • Music Assistant function with 1,800 settings and search feature
  • 18 Harmony Intelligence settings
  • 188 Quick Registrations
  • 7-track recorder and 3.5” floppy disk drive for full Atelier compatibility
  • Warm, luxurious console lighting

Expanded Realistic Rhythm Section 
One of the greatest features on the American Classic Series is the wide range of rhythms and musical genres it puts at your fingertips. The greatly expanded built-in rhythm section is sorted into categories, and provides numerous rhythms for each genre or style. Best of all, the rhythms incorporate actual drum and percussion phrases recorded by professional drummers, so the nuance, timing and stress are all astonishingly alive and real.
Style Orchestrator
The Style Orchestrator buttons let you instantly change the style of the automatic accompaniment to one of four arrangement variations. From simple to elaborate, these arrangements add an exciting new level of real-time expression to your performance.
Exquisite Traditional Organ Sounds
The AT-80SL offers a rich variety of stunning jazz organ, pipe organ, and especially theater organ sounds that are better and more powerful than ever. Use the Digital Harmonic Bar function on the touch screen to freely adjust the drawbar levels and volume of each footage, for an expanded number of sound combinations. In addition, you can choose from a range of highly customizable organ effects such as Reverb, Rotary, Sustain, and more. This is the way an organ should sound!

Hundreds of Voices for World Music
In addition to fabulous organ sound, the AT-80SL also offers hundreds of high-quality, realistic instrument voices from around the world and across the centuries. There are many more strings, accordion, and choir variations, as well as exciting new traditional instrument sounds to expand your musical expression. Of course, you can combine these voices with organ sounds to create an almost limitless repertoire of performance options.

Outstanding Piano Performance
The AT-80SL has an extended 76-note lower manual and incredible stereosampled grand piano sounds, for authentic piano performance. There is also a damper pedal that provides the same effect and expression as an acoustic piano. The lower manual has a Split function too, in case you want to add different instrument sounds to your piano playing.

Powerful Speakers and Sound System
The AT-80SL’s sounds are delivered with awesome power and resonance through multiple fullrange speakers. A mighty 30 cm woofer gives you truly thunderous bass. Models with a woofer also feature the RSS (Roland Sound Space) Reverb audio enhancement system, which produces a room-filling, cathedral-like ambience.

Harmony Intelligence
The Harmony Intelligence feature creates gorgeous harmony based on the chords you play on the lower manual. Choose from a wide array of harmony types, including Strings, Hymn, Harp, Jazz Scat, Big Band, and more. Ensemble-type performances have never sounded this great!

Simple, Easy Panel Layout
All models in the Atelier series share the same fundamental panel design and simple, color-coded layout, so you can perform the same basic operations when playing any AT-Series organ. It’s so easy to navigate! The panel design — the result of consultation with professional players from around the world — also helps ensure that operation is simple for beginners to learn and remember.

Large Color LCD Touch Screen
The AT-80SL’ large, full-color LCD touch screen makes playing the organ more effortless and enjoyable than ever before. The simpler screen layout and new color scheme let you perform the same operations with fewer steps, making it easier to select instrument voices for your performance, to access and control rhythm, reverb, split point, and other panel settings onscreen, and to switch to the notation display at the touch of a finger. You can also jump smoothly between Upper, Lower, and Pedal tone edit screens. Virtually every onboard function can be accessed and adjusted using the touch screen, for a single point of control. It’s easy, intuitive, and fun.

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Roland AT-80 AC $4,995

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