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The Flagship Roland organ in a smaller cabinet


    It’s gorgeous and stately, yet the AT-900C is portable enough to be taken on the road. The contemporary, streamlined cabinet design combines an elegant Polished Cherry finish with eye-catching silver accents. Specially equipped XLR outputs facilitate professional setups for concert performances.

- The physical Harmonic Bars provide authentic, hands-on control for expressive organ playing.
- Perfect Organ, Symphonic and Orchestral sounds includes gorgeous pipe organ voices derived from acclaimed RODGERS digital classic organs.
- Acoustic-instrument expression with new Articulation Voices using Roland’s unique SuperNATURAL technology.
- Easy-to-use control panel based on traditional organ playing principles and larger color LCD monitor with touch screen function.
- The rhythm function automatically adds ultra-realistic accompaniment, letting you play with a virtual backing band of world-class musicians.
- The D BEAM controller offers magical expression by moving your hand over the invisible beam.
- Quick registration from the hands of world-class organists and convenient Music Assistant functions.
- The USB host port supports USB memory key.

Organ Sounds and Beyond

    From the sound of stately classical and theater organs of the silent-movie era to up-tempo jazz and rock organs, TThe AT-900C provides organ sounds from around the world, letting you play any genre convincingly. You can even layer authentic Orchestral Voices with the organ sounds, creating sounds and textures that were never possible with conventional organs.

Harmonic Bar Enables Intuitive, Expressive Playing

    The new physical Harmonic Bars provide authentic, hands-on control for expressive organ playing. Under the control of the Bars is a Virtual Tone Wheel voice engine derived from Roland’s acclaimed VK combo-organ series. Furthermore, an individual solo bar is provided for the onboard Orchestral Voice, allowing organ sounds to be combined with Orchestral Voices for incredible textures.

Articulation Voices

    With new “Articulation Voice” sound set realized by SuperNATURAL technology onboard, the AT-900C breathes unprecedented life into Violin, Trombone, Cello, and Tenor Sax voices. Experience the most subtle and expressive characteristics of these classic instruments, including lifelike vibrato, pizzicato, portamento and other authentic nuances.

Convenience & Realtime Playability

    With its simple panel layout, AT-900C has been designed with priority given to the real-time needs of playing. Buttons are color coded according to function. Selection of sounds, voice layering and balance changes — its design enables complete freedom of expression, with all settings quickly changeable in real time.

Rhythm Section

    Swing, country, bossa nova — with AT-900C you can play along with rhythms from all over the world. Unlike other organs, the AT-900C has also has a large selection of today's musical styles built in. The built-in patterns feature the ultra-realistic groove and feel of professional drummers. By playing simple chords on the lower keyboard, the arranger function (Auto Accompaniment) automatically adds accompaniment, letting you play with a virtual backing band of world-class musicians.

Touch-Panel Magic

    To make operations easy, the AT-900C features a large color touch-panel LCD with a quick-start guide built in. The newly expanded screen enables often-used menu icons to be always shown on the monitor.

D BEAM Expression

    An incredible feature that must be seen to be believed — The AT-900C lets you “touch the air” above the keys to control an invisible infrared D BEAM. Waving your hand over the beam allows you to alter the sound. Amaze your audience!

Instant Storage & Recall

    Your favorite voice and rhythm selections, as well as other panel settings, can be instantly recalled from internal memory. In addition, to save and retrieve your precious data externally, simply plug in a USB memory key — the global external-storage standard. Make audio as well as MIDI recordings, and play along with downloaded WAV files.

Roland AT-900C

  • Brand: Roland
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  • $12,995.00

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