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Roland GP-609 

The New Roland GP-609 is the flagship of the Roland line of fine pianos. Housed in a full size baby grand piano cabinet it looks stunning. It's premium 6.1 sound system delivers stunning tone without the  "point of origin" of the piano sound that speakers often produce. Different parts of the sound are directed one of seven amplifier / speaker systems producing an organic spread out sound as found on the largest professional grand pianos.

The Best of Acoustic Tradition. The Height of Modern Tech.

If you need convincing that technology and tradition can coexist, take a seat at the Roland GP-609 Digital Grand. This luxurious instrument offers every type of player a sublime grand piano experience, fusing advanced technology and authentic playing feel with classic grand piano cabinet design. Be inspired by an instrument that combines the latest sound engine with a brand-new keyboard mechanism, enhanced multi-channel speaker system and a variety of digital advantages – along with stunning sounds that will spark great performances for years to come.

SuperNATURAL Modeling for Performance That Feels Real

If you’ve played acoustic pianos for years, you might conclude that nothing can recreate that evocative tone and feel. Play the GP-609 and reconsider. This latest digital instrument features Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling, replicating the entire sound creation process of an acoustic piano, for a rich, complex tone. You’ll be inspired by a unique keyboard that blends wood and molded materials for great feel and durability, while even the most demanding players using advanced techniques will be satisfied by the expressive Progressive Damper Action pedal.

Luxurious Appearance and Authentic Grand Piano Feel

Although packed with advanced technology, the GP-609 is reassuringly traditional when it comes to style. Combining classic lines with a baby grand piano cabinet, there are two premium finishes available; polished ebony, and polished white.

Commercial Use

The grand piano is a refined and majestic instrument with a powerful and expressive tonal character. Its graceful appearance brings an air of classic elegance to any interior – whether at home or at a venue. And yet, although undeniably beautiful, owning an acoustic grand piano is not without challenges. Consider regular tuning and keyboard maintenance costs, as well as the considerable weight which makes it difficult to move around. The GP609 avoids these issues thanks to a variety of digital advantages that make it easy to enjoy a grand piano at a venue – or at home – without the cost or hassle.

House of Worship

The GP-609 is the ideal grand piano for church and worship. The onboard sound system is powerful enough to project a rich piano sound without an external speaker system. And if the venue is large enough for an external PA system, the GP-609 can deliver the sound via line outputs, without the need for additional microphones. Transportation from backstage is much easier too, thanks to its light weight and compact design. A versatile selection of sounds including Organs and Electric Pianos help cover a variety of musical genres.


Keeping an acoustic piano in optimum condition is not easy, especially when it’s used in a busy practice room, class room or concert hall. The GP-609 delivers an authentic piano sound and touch that is suitable for top-class players – available at all times, and without costly ongoing maintenance. Should the piano need to be moved from class room to music hall or practice room, the GP-609 weighs around half the weight of an acoustic grand, making it fast and easy to get to where it’s needed. Onboard educational features such as metronome, recorder, and twin-piano feature all help enrich the daily practice routines of students. Once lessons are over, play along with songs on your smartphone, streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth. And if you don’t want to disturb others, you can practice in silence using headphones.


The ongoing maintenance costs of a grand piano can be an unwelcome surprise for hotels or restaurants.

The GP-609 doesn’t require regular maintenance or tuning, saving your business time and money. The GP-609 can go also places that may be unsuitable for acoustic pianos, such as an open-air restaurant, or a cruise ship lounge. And if space is a problem, the compact GP-609 brings grand piano presence into your venue without taking up too much room. Since it weighs around half as much as an acoustic grand piano, it’s easy to find the perfect spot in the venue, and just as easy to move if you’re changing the set-up of your venue for different bookings or occasions. If you don’t have a piano player in-house, the GP-609 can wirelessly stream music from a smartphone through to its powerful onboard speakers, with adjustable volume depending on whether you just need background music or an actual musical performance. A variety of onboard sounds means it’s possible to play a broad repertoire of popular songs too.

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